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Destaco Clamping | Pneumatic Power Clamps

DESTACO offers a range of pneumatic clamping solutions that are designed to provide efficient and reliable clamping in various industrial applications. Pneumatic clamps utilize compressed air to generate the clamping force, making them suitable for fast and automated clamping operations.

DESTACO offers a variety of pneumatic clamps, including toggle clamps, swing clamps, hold-down clamps, and power clamps. Each type of clamp is designed to meet specific application requirements and provide optimal clamping performance.

Destaco pneumatic power clamps provides heavy duty and light duty clamps as per the clamping application requirements. The toggle-action pneumatic clamps provide an outstanding ability to apply strong clamping forces and hold objects with capacities significantly surpassing those of similarly sized clamps.

Destaco pneumatic clamps uses air-actuated cylinders to perform the clamping operations. These clamps are ideal for the quick clamping in repetitive production operation. These clamps are portables and economical to use on short run jobs with temporary fixing.

Pneumatic Power Clamps Destaco offers 82L-3E, 82M-3E, TCC-2E, 84-A Series Clamps

Destaco 82L-3E Series Power Clamps:

These Clamps are meet the requirement of the automotive and sheet metal applications, can used for repetitive operation. Destaco 82L-3E Series Power clamps are designed in a way that to endure and perform reliably in challenging manufacturing settings. 82L-3E has lightweight aluminium design which enhance the mechanism to enhance its precision.

Destaco 82M-3E Series Power Clamps:

The Destaco 82M–3E Series is a collection of enclosed pneumatic power clamps that deliver automotive and sheet metal processing customers with exceptional holding strength in a versatile and low-maintenance designs. The pneumatic power clamps find applications in various tasks such as manual and automated fixture welding, positioning, and locating. The 82M-3E is offered in four different sizes: 40, 50, 63, and 80.

Destaco TCC-2E Series:

The newly introduced TCC – 2E series by Destaco incorporates a tolerance compensation mechanism that possesses a self-adjusting capability within a three-degree range of the clamp arm, eliminating the necessity for shims TCC series is can be use in wide range of applications series is available in three sizes 40,50, 63.

Destaco 84A Series:

The Destaco 84A40 and 84A50 series feature dual-arm tolerance compensation clamps and are available in two different sizes. These clamps utilize a cam-type mechanism to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Destaco 84A40 clamps achieve a wide range of position to accommodate different types of workpiece and shapes. Destaco 84A clamps have 2 arms which single arm can achieve 2-degree compensation and total 4-degree compensation achieve by the clamp. TCC series clamps provide precise and stable positioning of workpieces in various applications.

Destaco 82E Series:

Destaco’s 82E Series power clamps has narrow design, can be mount from (front and back), and covered toggle action mechanism. These power clamps can do the operations like clamping, holding, gripping and positioning. Destaco’s 82E Series helps in quick clamping in repetitive production operation also these clamps are portable and economical.

DESTACO's pneumatic clamps are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and robotics. They are suitable for applications such as welding, assembly, machining, inspection, and testing, where secure and precise clamping is essential.

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