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SEIMITSU Factory Automation Pvt. Ltd. is an authorised distributor of GTC in India. Gumptious Technology Co. (GTC) is an innovated company specialized in R&D and manufacture of various types of servo gearboxes. Since its establishment Planetary Gear Reducer, Hollow Rotary Reducer are some of the popular gearboxes in Global market

Planetary Rotary Gearbox - GNDU Series

  • Special output structure for rotating disk (flange) rigidity.

  • Attach load directly onto disk for rotating, save space and simplify mechanism.

  • Has crossed roller bearing for rigid rotation, precise positioning and high axial and radial force capability.

  • Lubricated for life.

  • Servormotor gearbox.

Right angle gearbox

Right-Angle Gearbox - WS Series

  • Backlash free.

  • Torque capacity: 1.25~42kgf*m(12.2Nm~411Nm)

  • Hollow output shaft design for various applications.

  • 5 mounting surfaces for flexible installations.

  • Suitable for low load and intermitted motion.

  • Servo-motor gearbox.

Hollow rotary actuator

Hollow Rotary Actuator - NT Series

  • Direct attachment with simple and reliable design.

  • Large hollow rotary table for concise wiring and piping.

  • Accurate and fast positioning. Able to quickly position inertial load.

  • Repeat origin returns easily. Save you the trouble of designing and perchance new parts.

  • Servormotor gearbox.

Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox - GNP Series

  • Precision:1arc-min.

  • Available reduction ratios from 1:3 to 1:1000.

  • Design to use with various servomotors.

  • Sealed shut design; self-lubricated and easy to install.

  • High torque capacity and low inertia.

  • Custom long shaft design available.

  • Servormotor gearbox.

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