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SEIMITSU Factory Automation Pvt. Ltd. is an authorised distributor of GTC in India. Gumptious Technology Co. (GTC) is an innovated company specialized in R&D and manufacture of various types of servo gearboxes. Since its establishment Planetary Gear Reducer, Hollow Rotary Reducer, Harmonic Gearbox are some of the popular gearboxes in Global market

Planetary Rotary Gearbox - GNDU Series

  • Special output structure for rotating disk (flange) rigidity.

  • Attach load directly onto disk for rotating, save space and simplify mechanism.

  • Has crossed roller bearing for rigid rotation, precise positioning and high axial and radial force capability.

  • Lubricated for life.

  • Servormotor gearbox.

Right angle gearbox

Right-Angle Gearbox - WS Series

  • Backlash free.

  • Torque capacity: 1.25~42kgf*m(12.2Nm~411Nm)

  • Hollow output shaft design for various applications.

  • 5 mounting surfaces for flexible installations.

  • Suitable for low load and intermitted motion.

  • Servo-motor gearbox.

Hollow rotary actuator

Hollow Rotary Actuator - NT Series

  • Direct attachment with simple and reliable design.

  • Large hollow rotary table for concise wiring and piping.

  • Accurate and fast positioning. Able to quickly position inertial load.

  • Repeat origin returns easily. Save you the trouble of designing and perchance new parts.

  • Servormotor gearbox.

Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox - GNP Series

  • Precision:1arc-min.

  • Available reduction ratios from 1:3 to 1:1000.

  • Design to use with various servomotors.

  • Sealed shut design; self-lubricated and easy to install.

  • High torque capacity and low inertia.

  • Custom long shaft design available.

  • Servormotor gearbox.

Harmonic reducer

GCSD14 Harmonic Reducer

  • Small & Easy Installment.

  • Large Flange Rotary Plate.

  • High Accuracy.

  • Applicate in LED chip wafer probing and testing system.

  • Servormotor gearbox.

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