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DESTACO CAMCO Rotary Indexing Ring RNG Series with its selection Parameters and Application

What is Rotary Indexing Table:

Rotary Indexing Table is mechanical product which is integrated with AC Brake Motor (3-Phase Induction Motion) or Servo Motor, and mechanical power transmission devices such as Gearbox with clutch, encoder, cam, Sensor and controllers. Indexing Cam is heart of Rotary Table, while operation is performed Indexer is rotating or indexing around centre of axis, stopping and dwelling and same process repeat over and over.

Customer has two type requirements in Rotary Table one is for “Fixed Division “and other for “Continuous Rotation “. Fixed Division Rotary Indexing table means while performing operation Table must be stopped on particular angle likewise Division (2 means 180°), Division (4 means 90°), Division (5 means 72°), Division (6 means 60°), Division (8 means 45°), Division (10 means 36°), Division (12 means 30°) but for fixed division 3-phase induction motor along with gearbox and clutch is mandatory otherwise fixed division operation would not get performed. There is a provision in Indexer to rotate in both sides Clockwise (CW) and Anticlockwise Direction (CCW). Indexing Cam size is totally depended upon how much customer require division means angle. Table is integrated with AC motor and AC motor has inbuilt provision of brake. Motor Brake performs an important role while operation is performed i.e., when motor takes the command from PLC external device (to show output and take input from sensor and give output to sensor) to stop rotary table that time simultaneously motor brake gets activated to hold motor shaft and rotary table stopped in dwell position. Gearbox and clutch perform a vital role for transferring torque from motor to cam shaft to get start rotary indexing table for operation. Gearbox ratio is calculated from Motor Speed (RPM) and its watt. There are two external sensors which controls complete operation of rotary table i.e one sensor works a transmitter and other as receiver signal from PLC, on the basis of division sensors send and receive signal for motor on & Off process.

When we talk about the continuous rotation indexer, it is also called as Servo Rotary Indexing Table wherein instead of 3-phase induction motor, rotary table get integrated with Servo Motor with drive and encoder for sensing the position of table.

This is short glance about Rotary Indexing Table.

Here we talk about DESTACO CAMCO Based Rotary Indexing Table Wherein Ring Drive Dial Indexer RNG Series is one of the types.

DESTACO Ring Drive Dial Indexer RNG Series:

DESTACO Camco Ring Drive Indexer is special type of Indexer wherein table top has large hole which is easily fits to your operation also it is integrated with AC Motor having brake system (3-Phase Induction Motor) and Gearbox. Camco Ring Drive Indexer is designed in way that customer can easily fits its product through the large hole, customer can directly mount fixture on table top without putting additional add on plate. It is freely programmable Rotary Indexing Ring along with flat design and get high level part of accuracy.

There are three types in RNG Series:

1. 750 RNG

2. 1100 RNG

3. 1550 RNG

Features of Destaco Camco Rotary Indexing Ring Table:

  • • Rotary indexing table ring type with extremely large central opening (bore of up to 1600 m possible).
  • • Extremely compact designed
  • • Complete motorized with reducer and AC inverter drive to suit most of the application
  • • Can easily put fixture on table top eliminating dial plate.
  • • Up to 60 indexing divisions are possible.
  • • Highly dynamic with smooth acceleration
  • • Aluminum ring or steel dial ring
  • • Indexer is robust and reliable
  • • Get superior Accuracy, hardened cams available in standard and special motion.
  • • Large cam followers with a sealed 4-point contact output bearing for greater precision and load capacity (models 750RNG, 1100RNG and 1550RNG)
  • • Reducers with modular shaft mounting for application flexibility and ease of maintenance


  • • Assembly Application
  • • Printing and Decorating machine
  • • Sculpturing Application
  • • Welding Application

Selection Parameters of Rotary Indexing Table Ring type:

  • • Dial Ring Outer Diameter
  • • Dial Ring Inner Diameter
  • • Ring Thickness
  • • No. of Indexing Position require
  • • Total weight
  • • Accuracy
  • • Axial load, Tilting load and tangential moment
  • • Mass moment of Inertia
  • • Indexing time
  • • What is the Application
  • • Direction of rotation: CW (Clockwise) or CCW (anticlockwise)
  • • Motor RPM and gear ratio
  • • If any external force
  • • Motor mounting arrangement horizontal or vertical

Technical Parameters:

Output Bearing Capacity (Loads carried during Index):

  • Radial Load: 25740 N
  • Axial Load: 64020 N
  • Moment: 6913 N-m
  • Accuracy: ±60 arcsec
  • Repeatability: ± 15 arcsec
  • • Right hand cam
  • • Cycle Cam and Limit Switch Mounted to Camshaft
  • • Double Extended Camshaft (Input Shaft)
  • • Center Thru Hole (Ø230 mm)

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