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Model HRX Full Roller LM Guide for Heavy Machine Tool Application

THK Full Roller LM Guide Model HRX meets the demand of heavy industrial application like Machine Tool, evenly in very harsh situation because Roller linear guide rail has interchangeable property which uses rollers as rolling element which is placed at 45 degrees and the rated load applied to the LM block are uniform in four directions which enable LM Guide to be used in all orientation for achieving high rigidity.

Following are the features of Model HRX Roller LM Guide:

1. Roller LM Guide for Ultra high rigidity & ultra-high-load: The HRX is an LM Guide that uses rollers as a rolling element for higher rigidity. Also, compared to our existing roller products, we have extended the length of the metal LM block and increased the number of load-bearing rollers to achieve an improved stabilize load rating.

2. 4-way Equal load: Inside HRX Model each roller is placed at 45 degrees hence enable to receive equal rating from all direction that is radial, reverse, radial and horizontal directions in order to achieve high rigidity. Roller performance is enhanced through the incorporation of Caged Technology.

3. LM Blocks and LM Rail for making individual sales: Due its interchangeable property Model HRX is able dismantle separately which meets the specifications of LM Block and LM Rail, as separation of balls eliminate the friction in order to minimize torque fluctuation.

4. Contamination Protection accessories: It is always necessary to prevent foreign material from getting inside the HRX Model which lead to disturbance in product and may have possibility to wear a product for that effective sealing is necessary or contamination protection device for long term free maintenance operation.

5. Lubrication: Grease AFB- LF is a general-purpose grease for using excellent lubrication in LM Rail into a harsh environment. Smooth motion is achieved in model HRX.


Machine Tool: The Model HRX meets the demands of Machine Tool Application even in harsh environment due to its some unique properties including, length has extended of LM Block compare to existing LM Block from THK, also increase the quantity of load bearing rollers for stable load. In addition, THK Linear Motion Systems provide a solution by supplying a model HRX Full Roller LM Guide in order to achieve high rigidity, accurate precision, speed and sustain for ultra-high loads.

Apart from Model HRX Roller LM Guide THK Linear Motion system designed and manufactured various products such as Ball Screw, Ball Spline, Linear Guide Actuator, Cross Roller Bearing, Cam Follower, Roller Follower, Link Ball, Linear Bushing, Spline Nut, Rod End Cross Roller Guide, and Lead Nut.

SEIMITSU Factory Automation Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized distributor of THK Linear Motion System.

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