OILES Products

  • Established in March 11, 1952.
  • Capital of \8,585,000,000
  • Our Head Office is situated at 8 Kirihara - cho, Fujisawa - shi, Kanagawa 252 - 0811, Japan ( Registered Head Office : 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan ) 
  • Official URL is

Our Objectives are :

  • Production and sales of Oilles Bearings.
  • Production and sales of precision machinery, machine tools carrier equipment, office equipment and their components.
  • Production and sales of construction and civil engineering equipment.
  • Design and execution of architectural and civil engineering work.
  • Production and sales of telecommunications equipment, electric machine / tools and their components.
  • Undertaking of research and development related to the business mentioned above.
  • Agency of indemnity insurance.
  • Lease and management of real estate.
  • All business related to the fields mentioned above.