ITOH DENKI Motorized Driven Rollers (DC Power Moller)

This is the era of MDR : DC Power Moller from Now on

ITOH DENKI’s Power Moller technology responds to the rapidly changing era to satisfy urgent needs for automation due to lack of human resources and achieves smart factory and IoT (Internet of Things).

Short Description of MDR (DC Power Moller):

Motor Driven Roller (DC Power Moller) Conveyors are different to conventional conveyor technology that uses large high voltage external motors & pneumatic systems, to manage long section conveyor. The Conveyor is divided into section composed of Belts, Slave rollers and a unique motor driven roller as we like to call it an MDR.

When a Product is detected by a sensor ahead on the conveyor line it sends a signal to the control board. The control board then action of MDR to start running, when product leaves the zone the MDR will stop.

Itoh Denki MDR uses a simple smart design with 24 Volt DC Motor, reduction gear and some electronics and the bearings are all contained within roller table itself. 24V DC run on demand operation with optimized conveyor design and can reduce the power consumption by 60% when compared external drive conveyor. The low voltage system and short conveyor zone design reduces the risk of electrical shock.

Itoh Denki MDR are built tough to drive intense, continuous operation, when time comes to replace motor roller, operation is simple and quick as result of simplicity of technology & absence of pneumatics and maintenance is easy.

Bulit around the intelligent 24VDC MDR technology, Itoh Denki has designed a range of compact lateral transfer module that can be used to create flawless automated sortation system.

Itoh Denki MDR technology can be used support many processes including picking, packing and shipping.

MDR technology is reliable & cost-efficient core technology for intralogistics material handling.

Here are the keys !

1. MDR Durability and Long Life:

Comparison between AC Power Supply Power Moller and MDR (in- house test values).

Itoh denki MDR durability

2. MDR Main Features

  • •  Safety: Requires DC 24V Power, low risk of electric shock. Its current and thermal protection prevents a motor from burnout
  • •  Easy Wiring: MDR is a plug & play offers an easy wiring. All wirings are connected by connectors, which reduces a lot of time for wiring.
  • •  Easy Control: Built-in logic driver cards reduces control loads caused by PLC
  • •  No Pneumatic: Dynamic Brake is equipped with MDR as a standard feature. Not necessary to stop the roller by pneumatic conveyor stopper.
  • •  Realize the realm of IoT:Vital sign monitoring and remote maintenance are available by checking the condition of MDR operation and managing each data through internet.
3. MDR Equipped Conveyor Transporting Principle:

  • •   The conveyor is constructed with driving zones where a MDR and some idlers are connected by O-rings.
  • •   The wirings of 24VDC Power and the signals from control device such as PLC drive the zones.
  • •   MDR equipped conveyor is built by combining driving zones.
  • •   Built in Logic Driver card: HB-510 can achieve an avoiding collision transfer and energy saving transfer without PLC

Avoiding collisions transfer: MDR reduces control loads and requires less wiring for control. This transfer prevents collisions between transferred loads and achieves better products and quality.


Energy-saving transfer: only the zones necessary for transfer are driven, and they are stopped when there are no loas. This run-on demand transfer realizes more energy saving effects compared to other methods. It also leads to low noise and creates a comfortable work environment.


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