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DESTACO Pneumatic Clamping

Pneumatic Power Clamps from DESTACO range from heavy duty sealed clamps for welding environments to compact light duty clamps for a wide range of clamping applications. These toggle-action pneumatic clamps provide far greater clamping forces and holding capacities than clamps of comparable size. Manual Power Clamps, Pneumatic Power Clamps, Hook Pin Clamps, Pivot Units, and Pin Packages are among the models available.

Destaco clamp accessories

Clamp Accessories (Series)

Destaco Compensating hook pin clamp 82P50-800 series

Compensating Hook Pin Clamp 82P50-800 (Series)

Destaco Compensating hook pin clamp 82P-63-720 series

Compensating Hook Pin Clamp 82P-63-720 (Series)

Destaco Miniature power clamps 82L-4 Series

Enclosed miniature Pneumatic power clamps 82L-4 series

Destaco Pneumatic clamp accessories

Heavy duty Pneumatic Power Clamps Accessories (Series)

Destaco heavy duty manual pin package 56h40-2 series

heavy-duty-manual-pin-package-56h40-2 (Series)

Destaco lever clamp accessories

Lever clamp Accessories

Destaco Naams power clamp arms

Naams Power Clamp Arms (Series)

Destaco Pin packages 85D5 series

Pin Packages 85D5 (Series)

Destaco Pin packages 85P5 series

Pin Packages 85P5 (Series)

Destaco Pin packages 86D40 series

Pin Packages 86D40-60 (Series)

Destaco Pin packages 86P40 series

Pin Packages 86P40-60 (Series)

Destaco Pivot Units 98W series

Pivot Units 98W (Series)

Destaco Pivot Unit RCM & RFM series

Pivot Units RCM RFM (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic hook pin clamp 82P25-2 series

Pneumatic Hook Pin Clamp 82P25-2 (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic hook pin clamp 82P30-35 series

Pneumatic Hook Pin Clamp 82P30-35 (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic lever clamp 8700 series

Pneumatic Lever Clamp 8700

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 81L series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 81L (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 82D series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 82D (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 82L-2 series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 82L-2 Series

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 82L-3E series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 82L-3E (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 82M-3E series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 82M-3E (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 82M-3E-Arms series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 82M-3E Arms (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 84A series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 84A (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic power clamps 860 series

Pneumatic Power Clamps 860-861-891-1000-1001 (Series)

Destaco pneumatic power clamps TCC-2E series

Pneumatic Power Clamps TCC-2E (Series)

Destaco pneumatic power cylinder K series

Pneumatic Power Cylinder K (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic power cylinder WK series

Pneumatic Power Cylinder WK (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps 035 series

Pneumatic Swing Clamps 035 (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps 89B series

Pneumatic Swing Clamps 89B (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps 89E series

Pneumatic Swing Clamps 89E (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps 89R series

Pneumatic Swing Clamps 89R (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps 8000-8200-8400 series

Pneumatic Swing Clamps 8000-8200-8400 (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps 8100-8300 series

Pneumatic Swing Clamps 8100-8300 (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps 9500 series

Pneumatic Swing Clamps 9500 (Series)

Destaco Pneumatic Swing clamps Accessories

Pneumatic Swing Clamps Accessories (Series)

Destaco Standard pneumatic clamps 802 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps - 802 Series

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 846 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps - 846 Series

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 800-1200 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 800-1200 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 803 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 803 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 807 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 807 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 810 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 810 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 812 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 812 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 817-827 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 817-827 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 830 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 830 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 847 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 847 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 850 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 850 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 858 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 858 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 868 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 868 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 870-871-2 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 870-871-2 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 8007 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 8007 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 8021-8071 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 8021-8071 (Series)

Destaco Standard Pneumatic clamps 8031 series

Standard Pneumatic Clamps 8031 (Series)

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