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CKD space saving cylinder

CKD Compact cylinder SSD2 series

Compact Cylinder (Model No. SSD2)

▪ Wide range of stroke lenghs and switch mounting surface options compared with conventional models .

▪ Suitable from geneal environments to specific applications

CKD Compact cylinder SMG series

Compact Cylinder (Model No. SMG)

▪ Lightweight, space-saving, Detection switch fits into the body with barely any protrusion.

CKD Compact cylinder SSD series

Compact Cylinder (Model No. SSD)

▪ It integrates the cylinder switch into body for shorter total length so that a lateral load is not applied to cylinder before use

CKD guided super compact cylinder

Guided super compact cylinder (Model No. SSG)

▪ It is a compact SSD Series cylinder, equipped with a guide rod and plate. Less struggles with design and assembly.

CKD Cartridge cylinder CAT series

Cartridge cylinder (Model No. CAT)

▪ This cylinder is a miniature single acting cylinder that returns with spring when pulled.

CKD Small direct mounting cylinder

Small direct mounting cylinder ( Model No.MDC2)

▪ Its inner diameter is φ4 to φ10, can be directly mounted from 4 directions.

▪ Can be used In applications like ejection of workpiece or shutter of parts feeder

CKD Small compact cylinder

Small compact cylinder (Model No. MSD, MSDG)

▪ Type with high precision guide(MSDG) also available, Small bore size from φ6 to φ16.

CKD Small cylinder with suction pad

Small cylinder with suction pad ( Model No. MVC)

▪ This is a compact cylinder, its end is equipped with a suction pad so that piping could not move when cylinder activates.

▪ Used in pick and place applications

CKD Flat compact cylinder

Flat compact cylinder [Model No. FCS・FCH・FCD]

▪ Its rectangular space saving cylinder that reduces axial dimensions by 50%. Its bore section is oval and rotation-stop function is provided

CKD Stopper Cylinder

Stopper Cylinder[Model No.STK]

▪ The stop cylinders can be used in applications where lateral load is applied to piston rod.

▪Generally ideal for stop function of conveyor.

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