CKD standard Cylinders

Pencil Shpaed Cylinder [Model No.SCPS・SCPD3・SCPS3・SCPH3]

The smallest bore size(φ6 to φ16) in general purpose cylinder, light in weight miniature series.

Small bore size cylinder [Model No.CMK2]

medium bore size (φ20 to φ40) series along with high corrosion resistance and long service life

Micro cylinder [Model No.CMA2]

Cylinders that can be assembled with medium bore size (φ20 to φ40)

Round shaped cylinder [Model No.SCM]

Smallest series in standard cylinders. Medium bore size (φ20 to φ100) with Slim body and a wide variety of bore sizes and variations

Tie rod cylinder [Model No.SCG]

Environment-friendly cylinder that has eliminated hazardous substances with medium bore size (φ32 to φ100)

Medium bore size cylinder [Model No.SCS2]

High rigid larger bore size (φ125 to φ250) series of standard tie rod cylinders. Lighter in weight, an aluminum cover and tube to halve the product weight.

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