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CKD Guided cylinders

CKD Guided cylinder STM Series

Guided Cylinder [Model No.STM]

▪ High freedom in mounting and abundant variations, with attention to ease of use and selection.

CKD Guided cylinder STG series

Guided Cylinder [Model No. STG]

▪ Light weight, Resource saving and metal bearing material improves the lateral load proof characterstics, realizing stable operation

CKD Guided cylidner STS & STL series

Guided cylinder [Model No. STS, STL]

▪ The Optimized body structure for short stroke and long stroke with guides on both sides.

▪Comes with Various variations to adapt to various applications and environments such as lifter, pusher, etc.

CKD Twin rod cylinder STR2 series

Twin Rod Cylinder [Model No. STR2]

▪ Designed to improve non rotating accuracy and double thrust with 6 bore sizes from φ6 to φ32 along with varoius variations

CKD Unit cylinder UCA2 Series

Unit Cylinder [Model No.UCA2]

▪ Designed and Ideal for transporting with less shock and noise while called on for high thurst.

▪ Comes with twin rod and double rod structure

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