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CKD Clamp cylinders

Rotary clamp cylinder RCS2 series

Rotary clamp cylinder (Single guide type) [Model No. RCS2]

▪ Single guide type rotary clamp cylinder can be used for combining rotational and linear motions.

▪ Shorter in length than traditional

CKD Light weight cylinder CAC-N series

Lightweight clamp cylinder [Model No. CAC-N・UCAC-N]

▪ A light weight clamp cylinder that contributes to reduction in weight of welding jigs, etc.

CKD Pin clamp cylinder PCC Series

Pin clamp cylinder [Model No. PCC]

▪ Specially designed for Pin type clamp and position locking mechanism can be selected.

CKD Clamp cylinder CAC4 series

Clamp cylinder [Model No. CAC4]

▪ Clamp cylinder in which rod eyes and clamp bracket can be selected in clevis mounting.

CKD Clamp cylinder with locking

Clamp cylinder with position locking [Model No.UCAC2]

▪ The swash plate mechanism locks rod when air supply stopped to prevent load from falling.

▪ It act as one way lock which allows rod to be moved in opposite direction

CKD Rotary clamp cylinder RCC2 series

Rotary clamp cylinder [Model No.RCC2]

▪ Specially designed for clamping small workpieces such as electronic components.

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