CKD Air dryers

Refrigeration air dryer (Xeroaqua dryer) [Model No.GX3200D・GX5200D]

Adopts the new refrigerant R-134a / R-407C / easy maintenance is possible with reliability and safety

Refrigeration air dryer (Xeroaqua dryer) [Model No. GT9000・GT9000W・GT9000WV2]

New refrigerant R-407C adopted so it can be installed freely in any area. Energy conservation and environmental problems are addressed.

Desiccant air dryer (Compact heatless dryer) [Model No.HD]

Stable supply of ultra dry air with atmospheric dew point -72°C, does not use heat for regeneration of the desiccant.

Desiccant air dryer / manual air dryer [Model No.4001・4002]

Desiccant is used in this air dryer. (Single use) Power supply unnecessary / can be used even at low pressure.

High polymer membrane air dryer [Model No.SD・SU・SDM]

High-tech dryer using high polymer membrane. Freon-free / power supply unnecessary / low dew point equivalent to that of desiccant realized.

Desiccant air dryer (Heatless dryer) [Model No.SHD]

This is a heatless dryer of the pressure reduction self-regenerating system which does not use heat for regeneration of the desiccant. Reduces unnecessary purge by dew point monitoring/significantly reduces noise during switching.

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