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CKD Pressure Guages and displays

CKD Low profile pressure guage

Low-profile pressure gauge [Model No.G401-W]

▪ Thin, compact design Ideal for filter regulator, regulator, and pressure switch (P4000-W).

CKD Pressure guage with safety maker

Pressure gauge with safety marker[Model No.G40D]

Easier visual inspection control due to green and red zone display.

CKD Pressure guage with limit maker

Pressure gauge with limit marker[Model No.G45D]

Easy visual inspection management thanks to the green arrow.

CKD General pressure guage

General purpose pressure gauge [Model No.G49D・G59D]

A general purpose pressure gauge with an extensive pressure display range (0.2 MPa to 2.0 MPa). Clean-room specifications are available.

CKD Pressure guage for panel mounting

Pressure gauge for panel mounting[Model No.G53D]

A flush panel mount has been added to the conventional pressure gauge, with M5 used as standard for the port size.

CKD Pressure guage with switch

Pressure gauge with switch[Model No.G52D]

Pressure switch function has been added to the analog pressure gauge. Non-polar connector/activation confirmation lamp is available as an option.

CKD Miniature pressure guage

Miniature pressure gauge [Model No.G29D・G39D]

Miniature general-use pressure gauge.

CKD Vacuum pressure guage with limit maker

Vacuum pressure gauge with limit marker [Model No.VG41D]

Visual inspection management of vacuum pressure is easier thanks to the green arrow.

CKD Diffrential pressure guage

Differential pressure gauge [Model No.GA400]

The differential pressure measurement range is 0 to 0.2 MPa ±2.5% FS.

CKD Moisture Indicator

Moisture indicator [Model No. 6119-2C]

Moisture indicator [Model No. 6119-2C]

CKD Pressure guage for outdoor

Pressure Gauge for Outdoor use [Model No. GW49D]

Pressure gauge for outdoor use.

Pressure display range : 0 to 1.0 MPa

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