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CKD F.R.L. Combinations

CKD FRL combination C-O-O

Combination [C※0※0]

▪ Compact modular design in which major boundary dimensions of devices such as filters, regulators, lubricators, etc., are unified.

CKD FRL combination C-0-0-0P6

F.R.L. combination Copper and PTFE free [Model No.C※000-P6]

▪ F.R.L. combination of Copper ion prevention treatment specifications.

▪ Combination of filter / regulator / lubricator.

CKD FRL Combination k60570 series

Compact F.R.L. kit / set [Model No.K60570]

▪ Filter / regulator / lubricator set K Series for nipple connection are available in a wide range of models.

CKD FRL combination l-type pipe adapter

L type Pipe adapter [Model No.A101-W・A401-W・A801-W]

▪ For straight type, the single unit alone can be removed without removing the piping during maintenance.

▪ For the L type, IN / OUT ports can be installed from upward / downward directions.

CKD FRL combination D01-W-D300-W

Distributor [Model No.D※01-W・D300-W]

▪ Used for pipe branching.

CKD frl combination pipe adapter A100-W

Pipe adapter [Model No. A100-W・A400-W・A800-W]

▪ Piping adapter for F.R.L.

ckd frl combination bracket joiner B-O-C-OOJ-OOW

Bracket / joiner [Model No.B※※0・C※000-J※00-W]

▪ Bracket and joiner for C*0*0 Series.

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