CKD Filters

Oil mist filter for Outdoor use [Model No.MW※000-W]

▪ Compact modular design in which major boundary dimensions of devices such as filters, regulators, lubricators, etc., are unified.

Air filter for Outdoor use [Model No.FW※000-W]

▪ The temperature specifications have been enhanced with all models of the outdoor filters.

▪ All metal external parts. Use of tempered glass.

Medium Main Line Filter [Model No.AF2]

▪ The adoption of a 360-degree high visibility indicator helps to grasp the maintenance period and reduce the number of element replacement steps.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 15kW to 120 kW

Anti-microbial / Bacteria removing filter [Model No.SFC-FP2・SFS-FP2]

▪ Ideal for circuits that blow directly on food.

▪ Provides bacteria-removed clean air, an odor removal filter has been added

Oil mist filter [Model No.M※000]

▪ Effectively removes oil and oil mist from pneumatic lines.

Air filter[Model No.F※000]

▪ New Series using 5μm elements for dust removal

▪ 0.3μm elements for tar removal.

Air filter Flame-resistant [Model No.F※000-G4]

▪ Modular design FRL series Air filter, flame-resistant and resistant to spatter.

Air filter Medium pressure[Model No.FM※000]

▪ F3000 to F8000 Series medium pressure specifications.

▪ The maximum working pressure is 1.6 MPa and proof pressure is 2.4 MPa

Oil mist filter Medium pressure [Model No.MM※000]

▪ M3000 to M8000 Series medium pressure specifications.

▪ The maximum working pressure is 1.6 MPa and proof pressure is 2.4 MPa.

High performance oil mist filter [Model No.MX※000]

▪ Secondary oil content 0.001 mg/㎥ Appropriate for optical devices, such as optical positioning devices and laser processing systems.

Compact air filter [Model No.A1019]

▪ Compact air filter for dust removal.

▪ [Port size] Rc1/8 to 1/4

Large bore size filter [Model No. 1138・1126・A1338・1326・1238・1226・1226J]

▪ Nipple connection large bore size filter. Diverse lineup of both series and sizes.

Clean exhaust filter[Model No.FAC]

▪ Provides direct exhaust within clean rooms. Revolutionary filter / clean exhaust filter that can clean exhaust air.

Inline clean filter [Model No.FCS]

▪ Inline clean filter with hollow fiber membrane for filter element provides high performance in all aspects including filtration performance, flow rate, pressure loss, service life and installation space.

Inline filter[Model No.FSL]

▪ Compact, lightweight and space saving inline filter.

▪ Industry : Respiratory / Anesthesia device

Medium main line stainless steel filter (oil free)[Model No.AF4000]

▪ High performance main line filter with stainless steel housing for clean environments.

▪ Simple element replacement / replacement interval can be managed by time.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 22 kW to 95 kW

Large main line filter[Model No.AF3000]

▪ Incorporated energy saving element / differential pressure gauge is equipped as standard.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 95 kW to 1450 kW

Large main line filter (oil free)[Model No.AF5000]

▪ A stainless steel vessel is used to eliminate concerns about rust, and to supply perfectly clean high quality air.

▪Incorporated energy saving element / remote control possible.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 95 kW to 1450 kW

Micro alescer / micro naught (oil removal)[Model No.1219]

▪ A compact filter for the removal of oil.

▪ Ideal for use in the field of compact equipment

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