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Pneumatic Air Filters

CKD Oil mist filters

Oil mist filter for Outdoor use [Model No.MW※000-W]

▪ Compact modular design in which major boundary dimensions of devices such as filters, regulators, lubricators, etc., are unified.

CKD Air Filters

Air filter for Outdoor use [Model No.FW※000-W]

▪ The temperature specifications have been enhanced with all models of the outdoor filters.

▪ All metal external parts. Use of tempered glass.

CKD Main line filter af2

Medium Main Line Filter [Model No.AF2]

▪ The adoption of a 360-degree high visibility indicator helps to grasp the maintenance period and reduce the number of element replacement steps.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 15kW to 120 kW

CKD Bactaria Removing filter

Anti-microbial / Bacteria removing filter [Model No.SFC-FP2・SFS-FP2]

▪ Ideal for circuits that blow directly on food.

▪ Provides bacteria-removed clean air, an odor removal filter has been added

CKD Oil mist filters

Oil mist filter [Model No.M※000]

▪ Effectively removes oil and oil mist from pneumatic lines.

CKD Air filters

Air filter[Model No.F※000]

▪ New Series using 5μm elements for dust removal

▪ 0.3μm elements for tar removal.

CKD Flame resistant air filter

Air filter Flame-resistant [Model No.F※000-G4]

▪ Modular design FRL series Air filter, flame-resistant and resistant to spatter.

CKD medium pressure air filter

Air filter Medium pressure[Model No.FM※000]

▪ F3000 to F8000 Series medium pressure specifications.

▪ The maximum working pressure is 1.6 MPa and proof pressure is 2.4 MPa

CKD Oil mist medium pressure air filter

Oil mist filter Medium pressure [Model No.MM※000]

▪ M3000 to M8000 Series medium pressure specifications.

▪ The maximum working pressure is 1.6 MPa and proof pressure is 2.4 MPa.

CKD High performance oil mist filter

High performance oil mist filter [Model No.MX※000]

▪ Secondary oil content 0.001 mg/㎥ Appropriate for optical devices, such as optical positioning devices and laser processing systems.

CKD compact Air filter

Compact air filter [Model No.A1019]

▪ Compact air filter for dust removal.

▪ [Port size] Rc1/8 to 1/4

CKD Large bore size filters

Large bore size filter [Model No. 1138・1126・A1338・1326・1238・1226・1226J]

▪ Nipple connection large bore size filter. Diverse lineup of both series and sizes.

CKD Clean Exhaust Filter

Clean exhaust filter[Model No.FAC]

▪ Provides direct exhaust within clean rooms. Revolutionary filter / clean exhaust filter that can clean exhaust air.

CKD Inline clean filter FCS Series

Inline clean filter [Model No.FCS]

▪ Inline clean filter with hollow fiber membrane for filter element provides high performance in all aspects including filtration performance, flow rate, pressure loss, service life and installation space.

CKD Inline clean filter FSL Series

Inline filter[Model No.FSL]

▪ Compact, lightweight and space saving inline filter.

▪ Industry : Respiratory / Anesthesia device

CKD Medium main line filter

Medium main line stainless steel filter (oil free)[Model No.AF4000]

▪ High performance main line filter with stainless steel housing for clean environments.

▪ Simple element replacement / replacement interval can be managed by time.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 22 kW to 95 kW

CKD Large main line filter

Large main line filter[Model No.AF3000]

▪ Incorporated energy saving element / differential pressure gauge is equipped as standard.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 95 kW to 1450 kW

CKD large main line filter

Large main line filter (oil free)[Model No.AF5000]

▪ A stainless steel vessel is used to eliminate concerns about rust, and to supply perfectly clean high quality air.

▪Incorporated energy saving element / remote control possible.

▪ [Applicable compressor] 95 kW to 1450 kW

CKD Micro alescer filter

Micro alescer / micro naught (oil removal)[Model No.1219]

▪ A compact filter for the removal of oil.

▪ Ideal for use in the field of compact equipment

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