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CKD Filters- regulators

CKD Filter-regulator for outdoor

Filter / regulator for Outdoor use [Model No.WW※000-W]

▪ WW3000 Series added as an outdoor filter/regulator.

▪ Adopted cover and gauge plug that are all metal, and tempered glass.

▪ Functional parts use high corrosion resistance materials.

▪ Rain-proof relief port, insect-proof measures.

CKD Filter/regulator

Filter / regulator[Model No.W※※00]

▪ New Series using integrated filter and regulator

▪ 5μm elements for dust removal, and 0.3μm elements for tar removal.

CKD Flame resistant filter-regulator

Filter / regulator Flame-resistant [Model No.W※※00-G4]

▪ A flame-resistant integrated filter and regulator that's resistant to spatter.

CKD Filter/regulator copper PTFE free

Filter / regulator Copper and PTFE free [Model No.W※000-P6]

▪ Filter and regulator are integrated and copper ion prevention treatment is provided.

CKD Compact filter regulator

Compact filter / regulator[Model No.WB500]

▪ Ideal for semiconductor manufacturing lines and compact equipment fields, reverse flow function integrated.

CKD Compact filter regulator unit

Compact filter / regulator unit [Model No.B7019]

▪ Compact F.R. unit with integrated filter and regulator.

▪ 5 μm element is used for dust removal.

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