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CKD Cylinder swithes

CKD Cylinder switch SW-M series

Cylinder switch [Model No. SW-M]

▪ Cylinder switch compatible with a flat piston such as a rodless cylinder.

▪ [Applicable cylinder] FC*, RV3*, SRL3, SRG3, SRT3, UFCD

CKD Cylinder switch SW-R series

Cylinder switch [Model No.SW-R]

▪ Cylinder switch with robustness [GLC, HCA, MFC, SHC]

CKD Cylinder switch with connector

Cylinder switch with connector [Model No.SW-T・SW-K・SW-F・SW-H・SW-V]

▪ M8 and M12 connectors with high versatility are adopted, for IP67 degree of protection.

CKD Heat-resistat switch

Heat-resistant switch [Model No.SW-E]

▪ Specially designed for environment with high ambient temprature.

CKD Strong magnetic field switch

Strong magnetic field switch [Model No.SW-H]

▪ Specially designed for environments having strong magnetic fields

▪ [Applicable cylinder] CAC4-L2, JSC3-L2, SCA2-L2, UCAC2-L2

Contact protecting circuit box

Contact protecting circuit box [Model No.SKAC・SKDC]

▪ Component for protecting the surge voltage of the contact circuit.

CKD Cylinder switch SW-F series

Cylinder Switch [Model No. SW-F]

▪ Compact cylinder switch.

▪[Applicable cylinder] CKL2, LCG, LCM, LCR, MDC2, MSD, MSDG-L, MVC, RCS2, SSD2, STM, LSH, BSA2, LHA

CKD Cylinder switch SW-T series

Cylinder switch [Model No.SW-T Series]

▪ newly added the SW-T0Y for Magnetic Environments to the variations.

▪ Standard : CAC4, CKV2, CMA2, CMK2, HCM, JSC3, JSC4, JSG, JSK2, JSM2, LCG, LCR, LCW, LCX, MRG2, MRL2, RCS2,RCC2, RRC, SCA2, SCG, SCM, SCP*3, SCS2, SRM3, SSD, SSD2, SSG, STG, STS/STL, STK, UCA2, UCAC2, ULK, Hand, Chuck

▪ For AC Magnetic fields : CAC4, JSC3, JSC4, JSG, RCC2, RCS2, SCA2, SCG, SCM, SCS2, SRG3, SRL3, SRM3, SRT3, SSD, SSD2, SSG, STG, STS/STL, STK, UCAC2, USC, USSD

▪ For Magnetic fields (in welding processes) : CMK2, SCM, SCG, SCA2, SCS2, SSD2, SSG, SSD, STK, STG, STS/STL, JSG, JSC3, JSC4, USSD, HCM, CAC4, UCAC2, CAC-N, UCAC-N32, RCS2, RCC2, PCC

▪For Coolants : CMK2-G2/G3, HRL-G2/G3, SCA2-G2/G3, SCG-G2/G3, SSD-G2/G3, SSD2-G2/G3, STG-G2/G3, STS-G2/G3, STL-G2/G3

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