THK Roller Follower

Model NAST (Separable Type)

Model NAST of THK Roller Follower is a Separable type of bearing system in order to combine a thick-wall outer ring & Inner ring which is equipped with a precision cage. Innner Diameter: 6 mm-50 mm

Model NAST-ZZ (Separable Type, with Side Plates)

Labyrinth seal is available inside separable type of bearing systems which consist of side plates pair formed both side of inner ring model NAST. Inner Diameter: 6 mm- 50 mm

Model RNAST (Separable Type, No Inner Ring)

RNAST is equivalent model to NAST, but this model does not have an inner ring. Inner diameter: 7 mm-60mm

Model NART-R(Non-separable Type)

The inner ring of this model's non-separable bearing system is fastened to the side plates. The outer ring's spherically ground circumference reduces the weight of a leaning load (symbol R). Inner diameter: 5 mm -50 mm

Model NURT (Double-row Cylindrical Rollers)

The Double-row cylindrical Rollers Model NURT of THK Roller Follower can be accommodated high radial loads and employs a double row of cylindrical rollers. Inner Diameter: 15 mm - 50 mm

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