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THK Cam Follower

THK cam follower grease nipple

Cam Follower with Grease Nipple Model CF-AB

On both studends, a hexagonal socket is provided, and a grease nipple is fitted to the inside. As a result, lubrication and mounting are possible in both directions.

THK Cam follower CF

Popular Type Cam Follower Model CF

The THK Popular Type Cam Follower Model CF has a driver groove on the head of the stud. 5-10 mm stud diameter

THK Cam follower CF-A

Cam Follower with a hexagon socket Model CF-A

Because the stud head has a hexagon socket, the THK Cam Follower with a Hexagon Socket Model CF-A can be easily installed with a hexagon wrench, stud. diameter 3-10 mm.

THK Cam follower CFH-A

Eccentric Cam Follower Models CFH-A

THK Eccentric cam Follower Model CFH-A is equipped with a hexagonal socket which is compatible with stud. diameters of 5-10 mm.

THK Camfollower CFN-R-A

Cam Follower containing Thrust Balls Model CFN-R-A

THK Cam Follower Containing Thrust Balls Model CFN-R-A is equipped with thrust-load ball bearings which prevent friction and wear on the slip surface when thrust load occurs because of faulty installation and stud. diameter is 5-12 mm.

thk cam follower CFT

Cam Follower with a Tapped Hole for Greasing Model CFT

THK Cam Follower with a tapped hole for greasing model CFT is optimal for locations where an integrated piping for greasing is required. Stud. diameter is 6-30 mm.

THK Cam follower CFS-A

Outer-Ring Compact Type Cam Follower Model CFS-A

THK Outer-ring Compact Type Cam Follower Model CFS-A contains extremely fine needle rollers, allowing a compact design. Stud. the diameter is 2.5-6 mm.

THK cam follower CF-SFU

Easy-mount Cam Follower Model CF-SFU

THK Easy-mount cam follower model CF-SFU is ideal for applications where there is no space to secure the stud. with a nut in order to reduce the time and labour required for installation.

THK Cam follower NUCF-AB

Double-row cylindrical-roller cam follower Model NUCF-AB

THK Double-row cylindrical-roller cam follower model NUCF-AB uses lubrication and mounting from both directions is a possible, stud. diameter 16-30 mm.

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