THK Rod End

Female Threading type PHS

THK Female threading Model PHS ensures high rigidity, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. The Grease Nipple on the holder is to be allowed grease in order to apply for sliding surface as necessary.

No Lubrication Type NHS-T

In THK No lubrication type NHS-T clearance on the sliding surface is minimized in order to get accurate link motion is achieved.

Male thread Type POS

In THK Male thread type POS is a highly rigid rod end that same as female threading but male threading on the holder end.

No Lubrication, Male thread type NOS-T

THK No Lubrication, Male Thread Type NOS-T is functionally the same as model NHS-T but here is a difference the male thread on the holder end.

Standard Type PB

THK Standard Type PB is highly rigid spherical plain bearing, with high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance. The Oil groove and greasing hole are placed on the outer ring in order to allow grease which is to be applied to the sliding surface as necessary.

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