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DESTACO Mechanical Indexers

Camco Indexers and Servo Drives aid in the indexing of devices. Indexing is the process of starting and stopping a device at specific intervals and locations. Camco cam-operated rotary indexers from DESTACO move a wide range of products and components with precision. Smaller Parallel and Roller Gear indexing drive accurately index pharmaceutical or electronic components in milliseconds, while larger E-Series indexers can rotate several tonnes of automotive body parts in seconds.

Destaco CAMCO Ring RNG Series

Destaco CAMCO Ring Drives RNG Series

The CAMCO Ring Drive provides simple automation that fits into your operations. Reduce machine footprint: Install your equipment inside the CAMCO Ring Drive's through-hole.

Destaco Flange Output ROtary Indexers RDM Series

Destaco Flange Output Rotary Indexers RDM Series

The CAMCO RDM Series Index Drive is ideal for use with rotary dials. These models have a large output mounting surface and a 4-point contact bearing with superior thrust and moment capacity.

Destaco CAMCO roller gear index drives RGD & RGS series

Destaco CAMCO Roller Gear Index Drives RGD & RGS Series

The CAMCO RGD/RGS Series of Roller Gear Index Drives are tough, adaptable machines that can handle a wide range of tasks. All six surfaces are machined for universal attachment, and these types are available with a flange (RGD) or shaft (RGS) output

Destaco Heavy-Duty Rotary Index drives RD series

Destaco Heavy-Duty Rotary Index Drives RD Series

The CAMCO RD Series of Roller Dial Index Drives is built to last and has superior load capabilities. Due to the enlarged roller gear cam design, these types have short camshaft motion periods and are ideally suited for continuous operating applications or unusual motion needs such as oscillating motions.

Destaco Rotary Index drives RA series

Destaco Right Angle, Rotary Index Drives RA Series

Right Angle Index Drives from CAMCO RA are suited for dial applications or actuation-type applications such operating a linkage or in-line conveyor.

Destaco parallel rotary drives P series

Destaco Parallel Rotary Index Drives P Series

Destaco Camco P Series of Parallel Index Drives which is created for high-speed applications such as operating a linkage or a conveyor. Hardened and ground conjugate cams, yoke-mounted, preloaded non-reversing cam followers for high capacity and speed, and preloaded tapered roller bearings for stiffness and backlash-free operation are all included in these versions.

Destaco heavy duty rotary index drives E series

Destaco Heavy Duty, Large Capacity Rotary Index Drives E Series

Heavy-duty rotary dial applications are appropriate for the CAMCO E-Series of Heavy Duty Index Drives. These models have a welded steel housing for durability, a precision cam with preloaded cam followers for optimal accuracy, and a preloaded "centre rib" design for smooth acceleration and deceleration with precision positioning.

Destaco Mechanical Indexer Accessories


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