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TSUBAKI Power Transmission Products

Tsubaki clutches


Tsubaki clutches are mainly used for three applications i.e. backstop, overrun, and indexing. Tsubaki offers One Way and Single Revolution cam clutch and helps in Switching operation when driving is distributed to multiple shafts from the main motor.

Tsubaki drive chains

Drive Chains

Tsubaki Drive Chain is a Machine element that transfers the power of motor to the Sprocket. The Features of Drive Chain include high flexibility in the distance between shafts, large reduction ratio, easy installation and replacement etc.

Tsubaki electrical controllers

Electrical Controllers

This is an electrically powered gadget that helps plants improve their working conditions or quality. Tsubaki offers Shock Monitor and Shock Relay to prevent equipment from damage. Tsubaki plays a vital role in providing electrical control devices that provide visualization of operational circumstances and detection of overload.

Tsubaki hose and cable carrer systems

Hose and Cable Carrier Systems

Tsubaki Cableveyors are cable and hose protection devices that guide and support cables/hoses housed inside machine tools and other industrial machinery with precision. These systems include Cableveyor, Flatveyor, cleanveyor, total trax etc

Tsubaki large size conveyor chains

Large Size Conveyor Chains

Tsubaki large size conveyor chains are highly durable and efficient and conducts accurate operation without slipping. Depending on the application large size conveyor chains comes with 3 basic type of roller i.e. R Roller, F Roller and SMN roller and can be diversified with variety of applications like general purpose, cement conveyance, Biomass plants, Water treatment facilities, Automotive industry etc.

Tsubaki linear actuators

Linear Actuators

Tsubaki has various products in its linear actuators segment such as a comprehensive variety of Ball Screw Jacks, High Speed and frequency Zip chain Actuators, Power cylinders, highly accurate trapezoidal screws etc. These linear actuators are of low maintenance and easy to control.

Tsubaki locking devices

Locking Devices

These are friction type locking devices without backlash that allows strong, easy and secure connection between shafts and hubs. These locking devices are based on two locking principles i.e. Double Taper type and Single taper type. A wide range of locking devices are available such as environment resistant series, nut locking series, external locking series etc.

Tsubaki mechanical protectors

Mechanical Protectors

There are basically two types of mechanical protectors: Ball type where the power is transmitted through the Ball and Friction type where the power is transmitted through the friction force. Tsubaki offers Shock Guard in ball Type and Torque limiter and Torque keeper in friction type.

Tsubaki reducers


Tsubaki used various types of Gears in its reducers like Hypoid gear, Cylindrical gear, Troidal worm, Bevel gears and Helical gears. Tsubaki Reducers are compact and light weight and are used for variety of applications. Tsubaki also offers high efficient and high strenght reducers for Servomotors.

Tsubaki shaft couplings

Shaft Couplings

Tsubaki shaft coupling is mainly used for two purposes; to transmit torque and to absorb mounting missalignment. Tsubaki offers Disk Coupling, Elastomaster Coupling, Wrapped type coupling etc. There is an wide range of coupling for diversified applications.

Tsubaki small size conveyor chains

Small Size Conveyor Chains

Tsubaki uses a robust lineup of sizes and attachments so that the conveyor chan can convey items of any shape. These chains are durable and highly efficient and variety of options are available in terms of direction, length application conditions. Small size conveyor chains are of two variants which are RS attachment chains where the attachment of chain is attached to the RS roller chain and Double Pitch Chains which has double pitch of RS attachment chain with a flat plate contour.

Tsubaki timing belts

Timing Belts

Features of Tsubaki Timing Belts are low noise, high efficiency, high-speed drive, high precision etc. The construction of Timing Belts consist of durable and wear-resistant Chloroplene rubber backing, high tensile glass fiber cord, tooth rubber and tooth fabric.

Tsubaki timing pulleys

Timing Pulleys

Tsubaki offers standard stock pulleys, lock pulleys and fit bore. Tsubaki has comeup with advanced technology of Just touch system engagement is applied to circular arc tooth contour.

Tsubaki Sprockets

Tsubaki Sprockets

Tsubaki sprockets transmit shaft rotation to chains and vice versa. Chain sprockets are used to transfer heavy load and high torque. The types of sprockets depends upon hub of design flattype, single hub and dual hub.

Tsubaki Top chains

Tsubaki Top Chains

There is a wide variety of top chains such as plastic modular chain, plastic top chain, plastic block chain, snap cover chain, stainless steel top chain. Tsubaki also offers accessories for top chain like plastic rails, specialty plastic and idler sprockets etc

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