TSUBAKI ZIP Chain and Lifters


Tsubaki Lift Masters are considered best for easy installation and space saving. The Internal structure of Lift Master includes Linear Guide, Screw, Frame and Workpiece Mounting Surface. There are two types of drive method used for Lift masters i.e. Ball Screw type and Machine Screw type which makes this product high precision.

Zip Chain Lifter

This is a Scissor lifter for high-frequency operation and high-speed lifting. The basic structure of Zip Chain Lifter includes Table Frame, Scissors, Drive Section, Base Frame and Zip chain Unit and has long service life of over one million strokes.

Zip Master

Tsubaki Zip Master is a Cantilever electric lifter that is used for high speed operations. The Zip Masters are specially used for supporting long strokes and where there is a space issue. It uses an interlocking chain drive system for high frequency and high lifting even with multi point stopping.

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