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Oiles 500SP1-SL4 - High-strength brass bearings with embedded solid lubricant

The Oiles 500 SP1-SL4 series are designed as self-lubricating bearings which are made of high strength brass alloy bases cast along with innovative casting technology and engrained solid lubricants. Depending on the application, they can be combined with various types of solid lubricants


  • Lubrication is not required for service.
  • create reciprocating motions, oscillations, repeated starts and stops, and so on.
  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Standard items come in a variety of sizes.
  • Shows excellent performance in both high-load and low-speed situations.
  • Shows higher wear resistance in applications where an oil film is rarely present.

Service range

Service Range 500 SP1 SL1 500 SP1 SL4
Lubrication condition Dry periodic lubrication Dry
Service temperature range °C -40~+300 -40~+150 -40~+80
Allowable max. pressure P N/mm² 29 49
Allowable max. velocity V m/s 0.5 1.00 0.25
Allowable max. PV value N/mm²*m/s 1.65 3.25 1.65

Mechanical properties

Density - g/cm³ 7.8
Tensile strength JIS Z 2241 N/mm² 755
Tensile elongation at break JIS Z 2241 % 12
Compressive strength - N/mm² 345
Impact strength JIS Z 2242 J/cm² 19
Hardness JIS Z 2243 HBW 210
Modulus of longitudinal elasticity - N/mm² 1,05,000
Oiles 500SP1-SL1 bushings

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Bushings SPB

Oiles 500SP1-SL4 Bushings

Oiles 500SP1 SL4 Bushings SPBL

Oiles 500SP1-sl1-flange bushings

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Flange Bushings SPF

Oiles 500SP1-SL1-Thurst bearings

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Thrust Bushings SPFG

Oiles SP1-SL1 thurst washers

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Thrust Washers SPW

Oiles 500SP1-Flange guide bushings

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Flange Guide Bushings SGF

Oiles 500SP1-SL1 guide bushings sgb

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Guide Bushings SGB

Oiles 500SP1-SL1 wear plates

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Wear Plates SWP

Oiles 500sSP1-SL1 flat plates SFP

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Flat Plates SFP

Oiles 500SP1-L-Type plates SLP

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 L Type Plates SLP

Oiles 500SP1-SL1-Slide guide rails

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Slide Guide Rails SLC

Oiles 500SP1 slide guide rails

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Slide Guide Rails For additional machining SLI

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