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Oiles 500 Spherical Bearings - Unit bearings

Oiles 500 spherical bearings are self-aligning bearings made up of Oiles 500SP inner races and high carbon chromium bearing steel outer races with molybdenum disulfide coating. The outer races are divided into two sections that are held together by snap rings.


  • Meets ISO Standard E type bearing requirements. Dimensionally compatible with them. Extremely precise.
  • More load-bearing capacity than other self-lubricating spherical bearings.
  • Lubrication is not required for service. It has a rather lengthy service life.
  • The inner race's inner surface is prone to slippage. The inner race's outer surface is self-aligning.
  • In a circumferential oscillating motion, it is applicable to large oscillating angles.

Service range

Lubrication condition Dry
Service temperature range °C -40~+150
Allowable max. pressure P N/mm² 39.2
Allowable max. pressure V m/s 0.15
Allowable max. PV value N/mm²*m/s 0.8
Oiles Spherical bearings

Oiles 500SP1 SL1 Spherical Bearings SPS

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