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Oiles 500HP-SL1 Hard special copper alloy bearings with embedded solid lubricant

The Oiles 500HP series of bearings are made up of robust unique alloy bases with solid lubricant impregnated in them. They have excellent wear resistance even at high bearing pressures.


  • Carries more weight than the 500SP5. Shows greater wear resistance in high-load and low-speed applications.

Service range

Service Range 500HP SL1
Lubrication condition dry periodic lubrication
Service temperature range °C -40~+150
Allowable max. pressure P N/mm² { kgf/cm²} 73 (180) {745 (1,837)}
Allowable max. velocity V m/s 0.10 {6} 0.25 {15}
Allowable max. PV value (N/mm2・m/s) 1.65 { 1,010} 3.25 { 1,990}

Mechanical properties

Density - g/cm³ 7.6
Tensile strength JIS Z 2241 N/mm² 540
Tensile elongation at break JIS Z 2241 % 0.3
Compressive strength - N/mm² 490
Hardness JIS Z 2243 HBW 245
Modulus of longitudinal elasticity - N/mm² 1,27,000
Oiles 500HP SL1 bushings

Oiles 500HP SL1 Bushings HPB

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