nbk Flanged Shaft Coupling

NBK cross joint type coupling XUT-C

Flexible Couplings Cross Joint Type [Model No- XUT-C]

Material - Aluminum Alloy

Diameter - φ15 ~ φ40

Torque - 0.3N・m ~ 6N・m

Shaft Fastening Method - Clamping

Features - Small Eccentric, High Torsional Stiffness, Vibration Absorption

NBK Serration type coupling MSF

Flexible Couplings Serration Type [Model No- MSF]

Material - Sintered Metal

Diameter - φ16 ~ φ32

Torque - 0.5N・m ~ 3N・m

Shaft Fastening Method - Set Screw

Features - Low Cost, High Allowable Misalignment, Vibration Absorption

Flexible flanged shaft coupling FCL series

Flexible Flanged Shaft Coupling [Model No- FCL]

Diameter - φ90 ~ φ800

Max. Bore Diameter (mm) - φ10 ~ φ131

Max. Torque 15N・m ~ 45,000N・m

Features - JIS-compliant, Made of Cast Iron

NBK Flnaged shaft coupling FCLS series

Flexible Flanged Shaft Coupling [Model No- FCLS]

Diameter - φ112 ~ φ630

Max. Bore Diameter (mm) - φ14 ~ φ91

Max. Torque - 33N・m ~ 16,000N・m

Features - JIS-compliant, Made of Carbon Steel

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