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CKD Chucks

CKD Chuck with rubber cover

Powerful chuck with rubber cover [Model no: CKLG2]

▪ it prevents the ingress of chips and water droplets, and improves the environment resistance.

[Bore size] Φ20 to Φ100

[Operation stroke] 5 to 23 mm

[Gripping force] 28 to 780N

CKD Thin chuck CKS series

Thin chuck [Model No: CKS]

▪A hollow hole model has been added to the thin long stroke CKS Series.

▪The hollow hole allows for the attachment of pushers, air blowers, sensors, etc.,

[Operation stroke]


Hollow type:16 to 50mm

CKD Chuck CKL2 series

Powerful chuck [Model No: CKL2]

▪ This is the basic model of the 3-way jaw chuck. It is thin, lightweight, compact and a high gripping force is realized.

[Operation stroke]

Standard: 5 to 23 mm

Long stroke: 30 to 40mm

[Gripping force]: 17 to 780N

[Bore size]: Φ16 to Φ100

CKD 3-way jaw bearing chuck

3-way jaw bearing chuck [CKG]

▪ 3-way jaw chuck bearing mechanism.

CKD Automatic hand changer

Automatic hand changer [CHC]

▪ Hand changer that supports the factory automation of multi-model workpieces.

▪Automatic exchange of multiple hands and tools possible. Position locking mechanism is provided.

CKD 3-wayjaw long stroke chuck

3-way jaw long stroke chuck [CK]

▪ Handling chuck with a focus on stroke.

[Operating stroke length]: 20, 40 mm

CKD 3-way jaw thin chuck

3-way jaw thin chuck [CKA]

▪ Lightweight, compact handling chuck

[Operating stroke length]: 5/6/7/9/20/25/30/38 mm

CKD Hollow chuck

Hollow chuck [CKF]

▪ Hollow chuck which enables multi-function installation with a lightweight, compact design.

[Operating stroke length]: 5, 7, 8, 16 mm

CKD high gripping chuck CKH2 series

High gripping force powerful chuck [CKH2]

▪ Thin, lightweight, compact and high gripping power realized.

[Operating stroke length]: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm

CKD Ultra long stroke chuck

Ultra long stroke chuck [CKJ]

▪ Thin body long stroke chuck.

[Operating stroke length]

▪ Standard: 80, 130 mm

Short stroke length: 40, 65 mm

CKD 2-Way powerful chuck

2-way powerful chuck [CKLB2]

▪ 2-jaw type which is thin, lightweight, compact and realizes high gripping power.

[Operating stroke length]: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 23 mm

CKD Mechanical chuck CKL2-FC series

Mechanical chuck [CKL2-FC]

▪ Mechanical chuck, Ideal for rotary tables and shuttle mover hands where air piping cannot be used. It is also ideal for heat-resistant hands. It grips the outer diameter by spring force.

[Operating stroke length]: 5, 6, 8, 10 mm

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