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CKD Fitting tubes

CKD Fitting tube GW Series

Fitting [Model No. GW]

▪ Push-in fitting for pneumatic piping.

▪ Compact size for space saving.

▪ Work environment and device-friendly flame-resistant white body.

CKD Stainless type fitting ZW series

Fitting Stainless steel type [ Model No. ZW]

▪ Push-in fitting that uses flame-resistant resin and stainless steel.

CKD Mini fitting GWJ Series

Fitting (Mini fitting) [Model No. GWJ]

▪ Compact push-in fitting type, with a wide variety of variations.

CKD Fittings ZSP Series

Fitting (stainless steel) [Model No. ZSP]

▪ Push-in fittings that use stainless steel (SUS303 or equivalent) for the metal body.

CKD Miniature fitting F series

Miniature fitting [ Model No. F]

▪ Miniature with a wide variety of variations.

CKD Tightening fitting mj & jl series

Tightening fitting / fitting [ Model No. MJ・JL]

▪ Stable and secure piping enabled by double chuck, can also be used in copper pipes.

CKD Rotary Fitting RJF Series

Rotary fitting [ Model No. RJF]

▪ It has a built-in bearing. Its ample lineup includes 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 / 16 circuits. For 12 and 16 circuits, space saving type is available and port sizes Rc1/8 as well as M5 are available.

CKD Fiber tube fitting

Fiber tube / dedicated fitting [ Model No. UP・PTN2・PTNL2・EH・PG・CG・RG]

▪ The fiber tube is an extremely thin, flexible air tube comparable to the lead wire.

▪ It enables easy piping in narrow spaces or short distances.

CKD Air Nozzle

Air nozzle [Model No. BN]

Nozzles of various shapes including energy saving type nozzles that enhance the pneumatic air source.

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