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CKD Check valves, shuttle valves, quick exhaust valves

CKD quick exhaust valve QEL series

Quick exhaust valve with push-in fitting [Model No. QEL]

▪ The in-line type has built-in φ4 and φ6 push-in fittings with plug types

▪ atmospheric release and exhaust port fittings available.

CKD quick exhaust valve QEV2 series

Quick exhaust valve [Model No. QEV2]

▪ Quick exhaust valve providing outstanding exhaust with large flow rate design

▪ a great variety of bore sizes / options.

CKD Shuttle valve SHV2 series

Shuttle valve [Model No. SHV2]

▪ A shuttle valve that can be used when switching between manual and automatic operation

▪ with abundant bore sizes and options.

CKD Check valve CHV series

Check valve [Model No. CHV2]

▪ It can completely prevent reverse flow of fluid such as compressed air.

▪ A great variety of bore sizes / options.

CKD Block valve FPV series

Block valve [ Model No.FPV]

▪ Compact valve ideal for cylinder position locking and braking.

▪ Compact and lightweight with a wide variety of bore size variations.

CKD Compact check valve CHL Series

Compact check valve with push-in fitting [Model No. CHL]

▪ Compact and space saving line type for vacuum retention and low pressure use.

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