CKD Componants of coolant

Check Valve (with nozzle) [Model No. CCN]

▪ The nozzle has been compactly integrated into the check valve.

▪ We have OUT side connections lined up including nozzles, and male/female threads for various applications.

Air operated 2-port valve (coolant valve)[Model No. CVE2・CVSE2・GCVE2・GCVSE2]

▪ A wide range of port sizes and pressure specifications (up to 7.0 MPa) are available, and optimization of coolant control is realized with various variations such as with solenoid valve and manifold.

Air operated 3-port valve for medium and high pressure (coolant valve) [Model No. CVE3・CVSE3]

▪ Port size from Rc3/8 to 1 and specification from medium pressure (3.5 MPa) to high pressure (7.0 MPa) available.

3-port valve for low pressure (coolant valve)[Model No. CV3E・CVS3E]

▪ [Maximum working pressure: 0.3 MPa]

▪ [Port size : Rc3/4, 1]

Check valve (for liquid) [Model No. CCH]

▪ Ideal check valve for coolant with flow path structure resistant to foreign matter.

▪ Port sizes Rc3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 are available.

Pressure switch for coolants [Model No.CPE・CPD]

▪ Degree of protection equivalent to IP65

▪ ideal for coolant control of machine tools, low pressure switches

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