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CKD Air operated valves

CKD Air operated 2 port valve

Compact air operated 2-port valve [Model No. NAB・GNAB]

▪A compact air operated valve comes poer sizes of Rc 1/4 and 3/8.

▪Can be used for wide variety of fluids by changing corresponding body and sealing material.

CKD Air operated 2 port valve SAB Seires

Air operated 2-port valve (Cylinder valve) [Model No. SAB・SVB]

▪ Air operated valve of a cylinder drive type that’s available in a wide range of port sizes from Rc1/4 to 80.

▪It supports water, air, steam and low vacuum, and solenoid valve mounted type is also available.

CKD Diaphragm cylinder valve NAD Series

Diaphragm cylinder valve [NAD・GNAD]

▪ It is a clean-room compact air operated valve that separates the flow path part and sliding part.

CKD Diapharm cylinder valve LAD Series

Diaphragm cylinder valve [Model No. LAD]

▪ It is a clean-room air operated valve that supports port sizes of Rc3/8 to 1 and separates the flow path part and drive part.

▪ It supports a variety of fluids with the selected body diaphragm material.

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