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THK Rolled Ball Screw

THK Rolled Ball Screws achieves lead angle accuracy of Class C7, achieves roughness of the ball raceways of the screw shaft at 0.20 a or less, the ball raceways of the ball screw nut are finished by grinding, low price and effects of high levels of dust proofing.

THK Constant pressure preload

Constant Pressure Preload JPF

THK Rolled ball screw BTK-V

Rolled Ball Screw BTK-V

THK Rolled ball screw MTF

Rolled Ball Screw MTF

THK Rolled ball screw WHF

Rolled Ball Screw WHF

THK Rolled ball screw BLK

Rolled Ball Screw BLK

THK rolled ball screw WTF

Rolled Ball Screw WTF

THK Rolled ball screw CNF

Rolled Ball Screw CNF

THK Rolled ball screw BNT

Rolled Ball Screw BNT

THK Unfinished Shaft ends MTF

Unfinished Shaft ends MTF

THK Miniature Rolled Ball Screw model MTF uses a guide plate system that provides a compact design, achieves lead angle accuracy of class C7, Quick delivery and low cost and simple shaft end machining.

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