CKD Direct Drive Motors

ABSODEX High Response Type AX1000T・AX2000T・AX4000T

▪ Actuators with position Detectors where driver and actuator can be used in combination

ABSODEX Compact AX6000M

▪ With smallest motor of 80 mm outer diameter and 47 mm height achived maximum torque of 1.2 N.m

τDISC Standard type [Model No.ND-s]

▪ Standard type can be used various applications.

τDISC High-speed rotation type [Model No. ND-s HS]

▪ Lineup of motors whose rated rotation speed ranges from 11 to 15 rps (660 to 900 rpm).

τDISC High response type [Model No. HD-s]

▪ high response performance with high-torque, low-inertia structure.

τDISC Large middle hole type [Model No. FDs]

▪ (Middle hole: 52mm~150mm) Using the durable high performance magnetic type absolute encoder.

τDISC High rigidity type [Model No. DDs]

▪ Rated torque:10 to 2000N・m. Significant improvement in moment rigidity, axial rigidity, and rotor torsional rigidity.

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