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Oiles 300 Oil-impregnated expanded cast iron bearings

The Oiles 300 series bearings are formed of oil-impregnated porous cast iron, which is produced by actively leveraging the cast iron growth phenomenon.


  • Consumes significantly less lubricant than copper alloy bearings.
  • Oil-impregnated sintered bearings are available in a bigger sizes.
  • Standard machining products and materials are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Maintains a good oil film and has excellent wear and seizure resistance.
  • Sliding surface shapes and motion forms are unrestricted.

Service range

Lubrication condition periodic lubrication Oil lubrication
Service temperature range °C -40~+100 -40~+150
Allowable max. pressure P N/mm² 10
Allowable max. velocity V m/s 1 3.35
Allowable max. PV Value N/mm²*m/s 1.25 3.25

Mechanical properties

Density - g/cm³ 6.8
Tensile strength JIS Z 2241 N/mm² 98
Compressive strength - N/mm² 294
Impact strength JIS Z 2242 J/cm² 2
Hardness JIS Z 2246 HS 20
Modulus of longitudinal elasticity - N/mm² 58,000
Co-efficient of linear expansion - X10¯⁵ °C¯¹ 1.1
Oiles 300 bushing 30B

Oiles 300 Bushings (Thin Wall) 30B

Oiles washers 30w

Oiles 300 Washers 30W

Oiles bar stock 30m

Oiles 300 Bar Stock 30M

Oiles bushing material 30s

Oiles 300 Bushings Material 30S

Oiles 300 Flange bushing 30F

Oiles 300 Flange Bushings 30F

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