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Oiles Hiplast N/E Metallic mesh polytetrafluoroethylene plastic composite bearings

The Oiles Hiplast family of bearings are self-lubricating bearings with a metallic mesh base and a polytetrafluoroethylene plastic covering with wear-resistant filler.


  • Suitable for use without lubrication. It has a high load resistance and wear resistance. Thinner than 0.5 mm, allowing for a more compact design.
  • Metallic mesh has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and a higher thermal conductivity than plastic bearings.
  • Pressed and available in the intended forms.
  • When electrical conductivity is required, the conductive grade Hiplast E is available.
  • It has excellent chemical and heat resistance.
  • The Hiplast series' special mounting method allows for zero clearance. (Backlash avoidance)

Service range

Lubrication condition Dry
Service temperature range °C -50~+250
Allowable max. pressure P N/mm² 49
Allowable max. velocity V m/s 0.35
Allowable max. PV Value N/mm²* m/s 1.65

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength JIS K 7113 N/mm² 34.3
Elongation - % 30
Oiles Hiplast N flange bushings

Oiles Hiplast N Flange Bushings HPF

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