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MAKISHINKO Bevel Gearbox

Makishinko Produces high Quality Spiral and Bevel Gearboxes for Agricultural and Industry Machine applications. This Bevel Gearbox includes SB, FB and TB series which are considered to be of High Quality and Light Weight.

Makishinko bevel gearbox FB series

FB Series bevel gear box

This Gearbox have tough rugged design built for long life and dependability where applications are subject to extreme condition, such as vibration, shock and weather.

Makishinko bevel gearbox SB series

SB Series bevel gear box

This are Compact and light Weight Bevel Gearboxes designed for smooth operation with low noise.

Makishinko Bevel gearbox TB series

TB Series bevel gear box

This Gearbox is maintenance free with High-grade grease-filled for long-term use and can be installed easily in any direction.

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