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As an authorized distributor of ITOH DENKI, a globally recognized leader in material handling solutions, SEIMITSU Factory Automation Pvt Ltd is excited to announce our participation in the highly anticipated India Warehousing Show 2024. This premier event, scheduled to take place from 11th July 2024 to 13th July 2024 at YashoBhoomi, IICC, Dwarka, New Delhi, serves as a cornerstone for industry professionals, offering a dynamic platform to explore the latest advancements, engage in insightful discussions, and forge meaningful connections within the warehouse and material handling sector.

It would be an honor to have your presence in the Exhibition; Hall no 2 & Stall No B 12

Overview of the India Warehousing Show

The India Warehousing Show has established itself as a definitive gathering for warehouse and material handling professionals, boasting a distinguished history of [Number of Years] years. Recognized as the largest exhibition of its kind in India, this event attracts exhibitors, industry experts, and decision-makers from around the globe. It serves as a nexus for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and best practices that drive efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness across the warehousing landscape.

At SEIMITSU Factory Automation, we are eagerly anticipating our participation in the India Warehousing Show 2024. As a trusted partner of Itoh Denki, a renowned innovator in material handling technology, our booth will showcase an array of cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize warehouse operations, enhance productivity, and maximize efficiency. From motorized rollers and conveyor systems to warehouse management systems (WMS), visitors will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the reliability, performance, and versatility of Itoh Denki's products.

This year IWS will have 200+ exhibitor with 15000+ visitors also in this event conference sessions will be there to share the knowledge about the new technologies and product launches & live demos.

Itoh Denki Products and Solutions

As an authorized distributor of Itoh Denki, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of products and solutions that redefine the standards of excellence in material handling technology. Itoh Denki's portfolio encompasses a diverse array of innovative solutions, including:

Motorized Rollers:

Featuring advanced motorized technology, these rollers offer precise control, energy efficiency, and seamless integration into conveyor systems, enabling smooth material handling operations.

Conveyor Systems:

Itoh Denki's conveyor systems are designed to optimize throughput, minimize downtime, and enhance overall efficiency in warehouse and distribution environments.

Multi Angle Ball Transfer

The MABS (Multi Angle Ball Sorter) is the most versatile and powerful diverter module in our range. With up to 4 entries and exits, it can smoothly and quickly transfer products at 30°, 45° or 90°. With a throughput of up to 4300

As we prepare to embark on this exciting journey, SEIMITSU Factory Automation Pvt Ltd extends a warm invitation to all industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to visit our booth at the India Warehousing Show 2024. Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities of innovation, efficiency, and collaboration in the dynamic world of warehouse and material handling technology. Together, let's unlock the future of warehousing and propel the industry towards new horizons of success.

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