LM Actuator Model GL

LM Actuator Model GL

LM Actuator Model GL



Lightweight, high rigidity aluminum base with LM Guides model GSR has been utilized for the guide portion. A screw or belt options are available for the drive system

Enables manufacturing of actuator that corresponds to it use

Allows you to manufacture the actuator that matches your specifications because you can select the parts. Both the pre-assembled parts and part kits are available for purchase.

Short delivery time
All parts are standardized to enable manufacturing with short delivery times.

Drive System

[Ball Screw Type]

Variety of screw leads can be selected.

Ball Screw Leads by Model Numbers

Model Number Ball Screw Lead [mm]
GL 15 5, 16, 30
GL 20 5, 20, 40

[Timing Belt Type]

Highly rigid timing belt ensures that high speed processes are possible for longer stroke (max. 2720 mm) applications than the Ball Screw driven type.
Pitch Diameter of the Timing Pulley.

Model Number Pitch Diameter [mm] Slider move distance [mm] per pulley rotation
GL 15 35.01 35.01 X = 110
GL 20 38.20 38.20 X = 120

Note : Because the timing pulley has a large pitch diameter, the use of a reducer is recommended.